Before Engagement Information

In order to work effectively with you, we need at least following information and would prefer if you can visit our office to gauge our capabilities yourself.

• Vessel details
• Flag of the intended vessel
• Rank experience
• Date and place of joining
• US Visa requirement
• Any other specific requirements
• Offered wage
• Tenure of employment
• Working gear and uniform provision
• Vessel P&I Cover and CBA if applicable

Business Philosophy

We have a value driven and professionally approach in whatever we do ensuring good name for QSCO and Pakistani seamen.

Our two key values are fairness to seamen and customers and employment of employment of only competent and reliable crew.

Our Strategy to work with world class shipping companies; be available 24/7/365 to serve our customers and seamen; and achieve highest level of retention rate in our client pool. We pride ourselves in equally strong relationship with the seamen and ensuring their and their family welfare.

Deployment Process

In our Deployment process, we include a client interview, authentication of documentation, check from the authorities about their documents. For existing clients, we plan for a complete cycle time of 9 months for each berths so that high rotation on the same or similar vessel is achieved.

The corner stone of our deployment process is a detailed and structured pre departure briefing with a view to ensure multinational crew compatibility is ensured, there is high level of obedience and discipline on board, safe working practices are followed as per the Principal’s policy, and a detailed briefing on dos and don’ts.

We believe that a crew’s relationship with the Principal is a long term one and not limited by a contract.

This ensures high familiarity of the crew with the Owners culture, management systems, and specific demands that facilitates a smooth vessel and manning operation.

Recruitment Checks

Our recruitment system is geared to select only the most suited candidate for the vessel position with high emphasis on spoken and written English skills and good attitude and habits.

All seamen go for extensive screening process comprising of interview, skill assessment and reference checks.

For senior ranks we additionally check for computer skills.

We ensure all crew going though our system have valid certificates and all necessary and relevant endorsement in addition to a thorough medical examination from our authorized medical clinic.

Travel and Visa Arrangements

Our experienced travel division is fully equipped for making visa arrangements and travel bookings for signing seafarers.

Our visa services include securing and expediting travel visas, seamen visas for the seafarers and shore office personnel for travelling to foreign countries.

With our associate travel offices, we provide travel arrangements and able to handle complex visa requirements.