Quality Shipping Company PVT LTD (QSC)

is a leading crew manning agency that offers quality manning service. We have combined modern thinking with experience to deliver the best to our clients. We provide all classes of officers and crews. Our assistance is extended worldwide.

QSC is in business since year 1988. We are a licensed personnel-recruitment company of Pakistan. We are licensed by Ministry of Ports & Shipping to provide marine recruitment on foreign flag ships. Our crew manning agency has also met the requirements of the international conventions and ISO 9001.

QSC is governed by experienced master mariners. Our management is qualified in onboard ship operation and crew management. We have an excellent record for providing professional crew placement service. We always focus on our clients need. Our selection process is aimed at providing the best within the salary standard.

Our crew manning agency is committed to provide exceptional service. We are keen to build long lasting relations with our clients. We offer cost effective ship recruitment service. But we do not compromise with quality and safety. We ensure loyalty and professionalism among our recruits. You will find a responsible and enthusiastic team handling your marine recruitment.