Crew Management

Our origins as a business can be traced back to our beginnings in crew placement and management.
We completely understand the importance of qualified crew that is always at the forefront of all activities and is the key to a vessel’s safe and smooth day-to-day operation. In addition, safeguarding the vessel’s and the owner’s interests requires a highly efficient utilization of the crew. We maintain Pakistani Seafarer’s pools of highly qualified, motivated and, dedicated seafarers that fulfill these needs efficiently. Through our own crewing offices in Karachi.

We offer crew supply services on a lump sum basis for any type of vessel. We use modern search and selection methods to ensure that our employees not only have the required professional qualifications, but also have the required personality. In addition, we are fully committed to the professional development and education of all staff. Our crew management services include recruitment, selection, training and management of officers and cadets and rating them for deployment on a wide range of vessel types.

We maintain a state of the art database management system and crewing module developed using advanced information technology systems that keep track of all our seafarers. This repository of data helps in sourcing of relevant crew to match requirements of different ships. Our specific services include:

• Planning – screening, processing, recruitment and placement onboard
• Accounting – payroll and allotments
• Performance – performance appraisal and KPI report
• Training – Shore-based training of crew, value added courses, etc.
• Full or partial crew management for all types of vessel
• Onboard training of ship’s crew including CBT (computer-based training)