Crew Management System (CMS)

A centralized system which stores all data related to seafarers for efficient monitoring of compliance with mandatory requirements (Flag State Documents, Training Centers, Certificates, Medical, Visa, Ticket etc.)
All data and documents are filed electronically for compliance check of seafarer’s competence.

All our officers and crew have obtained certificates, which are internationally recognized by IMO and in accordance with compliance STCW’95 and valid GMDSS certificates for all crew.

Main activities and responsibilities,

  • To draw manning agreement
  • To carry out the safety and environmental protection policies of the Company
  • To make and improve crew manning plan, crew qualification, crew cost and budgeting
  • To organize and arrange interview, employment formality for crews as well as crew certificates which required by flag state
  • Review and appoint manning agencies
  • Ensure proper coordination of travel for on-off signing officers & crew
  • Verification of crew documentation/ qualifications as per STCW and handle visas application
  • To collect all information of crew assessments, and establish crew files
  • To make annual training plan for this management, organize trainings plan for personnel department and shore-based staff
  • To be in charge of collecting, forwarding, handling SMS information for personnel administration and training
  • Overall crewing administration and management
  • Preparing Human Resources Manning Report for Corporate HR Office (i.e. manning status report by ship)
  • Coordinate and formulate crew projection and manning requirement for the fleet
  • Liaise with Operations Department and shipboard management on crewing matter
  • Coordination and administration with relevant authority for crew training and development in accordance with STCW Convention 2010 and Flag State requirement
  • Ensure crew has relevant qualification and certificates for the position they have been selected/promoted
  • Projection and maintenance of crew statistics (crew seniority / salary & allowance / merit increment / promotion / discipline / training etc.)
  • Analyses crew statistic (sign on/sign off/attrition/seniority of crew/nationality mix) to facilitate future planning
  • Outline long term crew resources planning, management, training and development and execution of new crewing projection
  • Assist Recruitment in interviewing and selection of ship based crew and maintain co-operation with crewing agencies on crew related matter
  • Responsible for development of crew resource management system to improve crew administration in the fleet
  • Communication between ship agents, vessel and ship owners
  • Perform cross reference checks on selected crew
  • Ensure validity of crew’s documents prior to joining ship
  • Liaising with port agents on crew change
  • Maintain good crew record filing system and update records at all times
  • Ensure submission of regular appraisals by Masters
  • Communication between ship agents, vessel and ship owners