Quality Shipping’s recruitment team members have decades of experience and is consistent of providing highly qualified and dense-experienced officers and crew with relentless dedication our recruitment team is passionately committed of providing the best seafarers available.

We build partnerships with shipping organizations to ensure the crew and officers they require are well-experienced and qualifies for the specific vessel our search process is based on a thorough understanding of your strategic an operational requirements as we make sure the crew we hire is achievement-oriented and possess the values and personal characteristic to drive your organization on the path of success.

We are your trusted adviser as we work with your day to day Crew related issues and deal swiftly seeking guidance from you in terms of what outcome you wish to see from a specific issue, i.e. a swift replacement or performance improvement plan is placed at the other end of the scale we often find that we are the custodians of Crew centric interventions we are responsible for fulfilling our commitments with a clear understanding of the urgency and accountability.